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Ron Steinbrenner
Cell: (619) 398-5196
Club: (619) 465-8004
My E-Mail Address

Hotel Information:
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SAN DIEGO, CA. 92139
PHONE # 619-398-5196


City of San Diego

Years of Champions

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2016 Triple Crown Champions.

2015 Triple Crown Champions.

2014 Triple Crown Champions.

2013 Triple Crown Champions.  
2012 Triple Crown Champions.  
2011 Triple Crown Champions and Auction Birds

2010 Triple Crown Champions   


2009 Triple Crown Champions   


2008 Triple Crown Champions   



2007 Multiple Triple Crown Champions 

Breeders Cup Champions: Bill Nesler, Ca., Bill Hatcher  OK, Larry Lewis OK. Iron Eagle Champion: Darryl & Jane Phelps. "Mr D.J." The Only Day Birds.


2006 Triple Crown Champion:   

Iron Eagle Derby Champions: Three on a drop 

Breeders Cup Champion: Charlie & Rhonda Hoge, Tx.

2005 Triple Crown  Champion: John Cordova, Nv. Jedds 7848 RC "Golden Imbrecht"
Breeders Cup Champion: John Coker, Tx. 


2004 Triple Crown & 1st Ever Two-Time Breeders Cup Champions.
CHUCK TAFT and Steve Taft.  holding "PCI 326 BB" and "PCI BBWF" winning $26,734


2004 1st Ever Two-Time Triple Crown  Champions.
Dick Schilling - IN. Winning $10,619

Triple Crown Co-Champions.
Gene Hearl - CA. $17,233
John /Coker - TX. $12,992


2003 Triple Crown & Breeders Cup Champions.
Jim Warren and Sandy Spurlin - CA. 
  Holding AU03 OFPC-25 BB Hen
"Kathy's Choice" Winning $38,506

Triple Crown Co-Champions.
Bob King or "Non Pareil Loft" From Fond Dulac, Wi. Holding NPL 85 BBC "Kings Crown" $23,266.

2002 Triple Crown Champion.
Bill Kempke of Sanford, Florida. Pictured "True Grit" AU 02 CFO536 BC COCK Winning $22,694


2001 Triple Crown Champion Breeders. 
Ron Pairan, OH Holding Sire and Dam of "AU 01 LFO 705 Crown Prince"  Pairan and Boyer Team. Ron Boyer Holding "Crown Prince" Winning $41,350.