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Ron Steinbrenner
Cell: (619) 398-5196
Club: (619) 465-8004
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SAN DIEGO, CA. 92139
PHONE # 619-398-5196

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Years of Champions

Triple Crown Classic Winners
Photos Available from Archive - 1989 thru 2000


2000 Triple Crown and Breeders Cup Champions.
The Ong Family
Tony, Sarah, Yolly, 
Front:  Mary, Vic(Holding "MVI 539 BBH" ) Stephine, Teddy, Mary


1999 Triple Crown and Breeders Cup Champions.
From left, Bob Carney, S. Windsor, CT. ($19,754); and ATM Syndicate- Tony Drosi, Ahmad Morat and Andres Hernandez, from San Diego, Ca. ($24,655).


1999 Iron Eagle Derby 400 miles:
From left, John Renkowski ($7,350); Joe Roccoforti, Mike Bateman, ($7,350); and Tom Cano Sr. and granddaughter (Tom Cano not shown) $4,150.


1998 Triple Crown and Breeders Cup Co-Champions.
L:Ken and Joyce Swartz won $33,359. R: Pat and Steve Martin of Bybee, TN. Winners of $25,934.

1997 Triple Crown and Breeders Cup Champion
winning $32,430 Dick "Jedds" Ricker.


1996 "Jewel of the Crown"
bred by Barry Venn of Casper, WY and "Martha Jo" bred by Randy Apel and Larry Ault of Santa Rosa, CA.


1995 Bill Traw of North Hills, CA. Winner of $33,460.


1995 Breeders Cup Champions
L-R: Chuck Taft and Joe Visscher


1995 "200 Mile Sprint"
L: Ron Steinbrenner and David Clausing of FL. Won $20,222.


1994 Jim Springborn, winner of Triple Crown Champion and Breeders Cup.
Winning $40,877 plus ring and trophy.


1993 Jody, Jane and Darryl Phelps of Freemont, CA.
won $15,224. Also John Nemeth of Glendora, CA. Winner of $23,536.


1992 James Van Dyke of El Monte, CA and Larry Davis of Arcadia, CA.


1991 Breeders Cup:
Peeman Family, Chris, Bea, Dennis and Duncan

1991 Ron Boyer,  Dick Schilling and Al Falcone


1990 Marty Ladin winner of $43,083.

1989 Ed Ramirez and Andy Henson winner of $100,000.